Photographing Cats

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It's all about the glass...

I am a dog guy but I think cats would easier to pose or photograph in their own domain than most dogs. That said, you don't really need a fast expensive camera. Spend the majority of your budget on the lens.

The Canon 85mm F/1.8 will give you amazing sharpness for an affordable lens. If you need to chase the critters around, than a zoom would be your best option. Canons 70-200 F/2.8L (IS or non IS) is other awesome lens but pricy.

Another good lens is the canon 100mm F2.8 macro. This would allow you to get as tight as you want to your model.  There's 2 versions if this lens. I own the L version but everything I have read that IQ equate non L is equally sharp.

I would think twice about anything slower than 2.8 glass if you want control of the depth of field.

Most digital SLR's will give you Excellent results. The real question on the body you need/want is full frame or crop. Full frame will help with getting shallow dof when u want it but crop sensor will give you more reach.

Post some of your work when you make your purchase. Would love See see them.

BTW ignore the hatters here. No room for rude people In my life. I laugh at them knowing that it must suck to be them...  How miserable there life must be...

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