Installing OS on SSD from HDD

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Re: WARNING: AOMEI Partition Assistant - Migrate OS to SSD Wizard

jamesdak wrote:

Dell is sending me the OS and drivers on disk. I am not doing anything until I get those. Hitting f8 or f2 get me nowhere but into the BIOS on this computer. A google search says shift F8 will get you into safe mode but that does not work either.

You'll probably need to wipe the drive either way (using your existing recovery media, or using an install disk from Dell) if the partition structure is messed up on it (which it sounds like it is).

You can use DBAN for that purpose.

See my previous post for a link to a thread discussing a clean install of Win 8 that includes a section about using DBAN to make sure you start out with a clean drive for the installation.

Basically, that utility wipes the entire drive (including the first sector, partition table, etc.) so you start out with a drive just like a brand new drive comes from the drive manufacturer (with no partition table on it)

You just download it and burn the .iso to disk and boot into it and it will detect any drives in the system and give you different wipe options. I'd just use the "Quick Erase" choice, as that will zero fill the entire drive for you.

Then, see if you can use your recovery disks to reinstall Windows (or use the Windows 8 disk that Dell sends you for that purpose if your recovery disks don't work). But, you'll probably need to start out with a clean drive either way.

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