Concert photos with E-M5 / 50-200mm Digital Zuiko combination ....

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Re: Well done!

Doug Brown wrote:

I shoot dress rehearsals at the National Ballet of Canada, Canadian Opera Company, Opera Atelier, etc.
My favourite lens in these circumstances is the SHG 35-100mm f2 Digital Zuiko. On the long end it's more or less the same as the 75mm 1.8 but offers the option to zoom out wider for the Chorus and Corp de Ballet scenes.

The theatres they perform in are quite large (2500-3000 people) and during dress rehearsals we have all of the first 20 rows of the theatre for positioning so this lens is a perfect fit for these kinds of shoots. In smaller venues I find myself using the 150mm f2 for close in single shots and the 12-60mm SWD for the bulk of the scenes.

All of this is done with the 4/3's E5 camera.

I have been experimenting with the m4/3's 45mm 1.8 on the E-M5 as well in small theatre venues, but with less room to maneouver to overcome the restrictions of a single focal length (as in, the 45mm isn't long enough for some types of shots, too narrow for others) I find it less than ideal. The 45mm is perfect for concerts from the front of stage media pit though, and I use it frequently, despite derisive comments from other photographers that it looks like a 'girly-cam'. The other guys are kidding when they say this btw.

Douglas Brown

Have you tried the Panasonic 35-100mm f2.8 lens? Slower than the SHG 35-100mm f2 obviously, but much smaller and lighter.

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