good dslr that has a fast lens?

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Very helpful! thanks!

I had already discovered the fill flash setting on the xz-1 and that's what I'm using primarily. It seems to work quite well, but I also like the idea of the bounce flash, if that will make a difference. Someone mentioned the diffuser for 12 to go with the flash and I think that will probably be a great solution. Just trying to get my footing here so I know what I'm in for. See, someone else is buying this particular camera so it's going to come with the kit lenses automatically (because we are kind of locked into the store it will come from) and i"m trying to minimize what I have to add to it to make it  better than my current efforts with the xz-1 and is something I can grow with.

I'll try to put up some pics but since they're mostly of my one year old, I don't really want those floating around the net, so I'll have to figure out some other way to show and grow, so to speak.


Guidenet wrote:

Annie, let's look at this from a clean starting view. In low light, the Nikon D5100 might be the best or one of the best cameras made so you're on the right track. If you can buy it with just the body, get it that way and buy the Nikon 35 f/1.8 lens for it at $195. That lens is about as fast as you can get without spending a ton. It lets in around four times more light than the kit lens does.

Since you are reticent about using a flash, we'll skip that for now and see if this fast low light camera and lens combo can get the job done. It is about the best possible choice under a couple of thousand dollars.

I'd master that one lens and one camera before buying anything else. That kit will also give you excellent starting gear to do most everything not telephoto in nature. It's not a zoom lens but what the heck. The kit zooms are only 3x so you're not missing anything there. Just step a little closer or farther and you're doing the same thing as zooming. The advantage to the prime lens is that it's sharper and much faster than the kit zoom. I'd much rather use it over the kit if I could only choose one lens to use. It will do everything but birds and sports and the kit wouldn't do those either.

Pay attention in the manual on how to do fill flash using the built in flash. Play around with it until you're comfortable. Fill flash means it is not your primary lighting. It just fills in shadows a little even in the bright sun. It can take the glare out of a picture and make it look more natural. Give it a try once you're comfortable with everything.

Annie, let us know how it works out and maybe put some pictures up to see. Welcome to our world.

Here's all my buddies from last week. We had a great time in the keys. 

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