Where is Canon 1DX made?

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Re: Where is Canon 1DX made?


con artists pray on greed. If I were u, I would call your credit card company and block them from charging your card.

2nd, I be reluctant to spend that much money and not have a U.S. warranty. I had an error code come up on my 5D III a few months after I bought it. Took 2 trips to canon to fix. I would hate to have to send it to Japan for repair...

What they are doing is playing the waiting game with you. They know you will get impatient and after you call a few times they will offer you "the Japanese version". Of course, by the time you hang up, you will have spent more than if you went to a reputable dealer.

Every dealer pays the same price, might mark up a few hundred bucks for the cost of doing business. So don't expect more than that of a discount from any honest dealer. I worked at a large camera camera chain when I was out of work. I could see cost and retail prices when ringing out. We would price match any reputable online dealer after verifying the customers claim by a simple Internet lookup.  How can you sell something below cost? A few that I have turned away because of knowing the stores are scams, have come back telling name they wished they headed our warnings.

No free lunch my friend. But it sounds like you are doing your best to talk yourself out of the fact you are pray.

Good luck...

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