Considering a move from NEX-7 to 6D, care to comment on my rationale?

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Considering a move from NEX-7 to 6D, care to comment on my rationale?

A little background: I've gone from a D90 to a D7000 to an NEX-7. When I had the D90 I went through a lens acquisition phase where at one point I had the 35mm f/1.8, Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8, Tokina 50-135mm f/2.8, Voigtlander 58mm f/1.4. After shooting with all of those lenses what I came to realize is that my preferred lens was the 35mm f/1.8 . I sold off all of the lenses but that one when I went to the D7000. I ended up trading my D7000+35mm for an NEX-7 and Sigma 30mm f/2.8 because I liked the idea of having such a small package and also liked the way I could have WYSWYG exposure preview with the electronic viewfinder. I sold my Sigma 30mm in anticipation of the new Sony 35mm f/1.8 because I was unhappy with the autofocus performance. Yesterday I went to the local camera shop to test the new Sony 35mm f/1.8 . At first I was reasonably impressed with the autofocus with this combination, that is until I asked to try the D600 and the 6D; I really had forgotten how much faster the focusing was on a full size DSLR!

Here's the thing: the NEX-7 focusing speed is completely adequate for still scenes but I've had almost no success with any sort of moving subject, even if the subject is moving at a walking pace. So, before I buy the new Sony 35mm lens and commit to the NEX system a bit more, I find myself in a place to consider moving back to a DSLR system by selling the NEX-7 body and starting from scratch.

I have always wanted to try an FX camera and with the advent of the D600 and 6D now seems like an interesting time to jump in. The increased DOF possibilities for portraiture and the increased hi-ISO capabilities are calling to me.

I would plan to start with a 50mm prime on either camera and tend to shoot with natural light only. I shoot an equal mix of daytime and low light interior shots and shoot a lot with wide open (or near wide open) aperture. After reading more about the 6D and D600 here are some of my thoughts on why the 6D might be a better fit for me:

-I focus/recompose using the center AF point for almost %100 of my shooting, and from what I am reading the center AF point is excellent on the 6D, even in low light.

-I almost always use natural lighting, so the absense of an on-board flash and the better hi-ISO capabilities of the 6D give it an advantage here as well.

-Dual SD slot is not important to me so that D600 advantage goes away.

-WIFI/GPS are nifty but neither are reasons for me to purchase the 6D over the D600 so that's a toss-up

-D600 oil/dust issue is a bit scary, though I tend to not get too scared about things that may or may not get blown out of proportion on the internet... (let's please not discuss this at any length for the purposes of this discussion)

-If I went from NEX to DSLR I would like to keep the size and weight as low as possible, so slight advantage to the 6D in the weight category.

-%97 viewfinder coverage vs %100 on the D600 is actually a legitimate albeit small negative against the 6D; when I went from a D90 to the D7000 I really appreciated the %100 viewfinder coverage for compositional purposes.

-Right now the D600 has some nice pricing with the kit lens. I would sell the kit lens on ebay but based on the fact that ebay is flooded with them right now I wouldn't expect to make more than $200 after ebay commission. Still I would consider this an extra $200 savings over the 6D in addition to the D600 already being $100 cheaper than the 6D body only.

So what do people think about my rationale? There is currently an additional %4 back from amazon on either of these cameras for a total of %6 back, but that deal expires at the end of this year. From what I can gather, the consensus is that because the 6D is so new to the market the pricing is higher than the D600 but that we may expect it to fall considerably in the next half year. However, with the current %6 back deal I'm wondering if it might behoove me to jump on that pricing now.

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