What... ...a blip on the Ricoh HRM?

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Re: What... ...a blip on the Ricoh HRM?

Hmm, yes. You have a point or two there.

The longer the R&D takes to get something into production the higher the risk is that it is obsolete - or in most cases: "already done by the competition".  I don't like companies that rush things - like S*ny and their marketing strategy which consists of releasing four different (yet very similar) models in one year and then replace them all the next with two that have the sweet spots combined but with limited accessory compatibility.

If Ricoh would improve the GRD with say, an APS-C sized sensor in a small package and offer a 21mm, a 28mm and a 45mm around the 16MP mark I would be very interested in it.

A fast GXRII and upgraded A12 to A16 modules and one or two interesting modules (21/2.8 A16 and or 50/2 A16 portrait) would suffice as well. APS-C size is likely to stick around and is today a viable option for many, if not most photographers. Plus, it helps keep size and cost down.

Full frame for me? Yes please with sugar on top. A FF module that would also accept M-glass would be just the ticket for me. I know it can be done. Question is, will they?

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