FZ 200 - Details from a distance (Stage faces)

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Re: FZ 200 - Details from a distance (Stage faces)

Dear Chris,

Thank you so much for the information and sharing your experience. I shall soon have to try silky pix 5 for the panasonic fz 200.

Anyway here is a screenshot of the two programs side by side. They have opened the same file and nothing has been tweaked in either of them.

I am still relatively new to using the RAW format. My previous camera was the FZ38 so the FZ200 is my first camera with RAW capability.

In an earlier post in this thread rayman 2 ´╗┐wrote about batch processing RAW images. Does this mean that there are a standard set of tweaks that can be applied to all the RAW images in order to get better results?

Thanks again,

Best regards & Happy holidays,


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