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Re: WARNING: AOMEI Partition Assistant - Migrate OS to SSD Wizard

jamesdak wrote:

Warning on this software:

This is a Windows 8 machine,

I used it to resize the OS partition of the HD to make it a size smaller than the SSD. The original partition was over 1 TB yet only 44 GB was being used. I used the software to resize it to 75GB which should have been well under the size of my SSD.

Always use Windows Disk Management for resizing Windows related partitions on an existing install.

Some of those third party partition managers are supposed to be smart enough to resize the partitions created on the destination drive during a copy to a new drive.

But, personally, I'd never trust them for resizing partitions on the source drive with an Existing Windows install, as I've seen problems using that approach before.

Heck, I just finished commenting about that in a thread earlier, discussing resizing partitions in Win 7 and earlier operating systems to make room for Linux partitions:

See my posts in this thread, where I disagreed with someone about that issue, suggesting using Windows Disk Management for that purpose instead:

In any event, it's always a good idea to make a full disk image backup before modifying the partitions on an existing install. I do that all the time. But, to be safer, make sure you have a good full disk image backup first. In fact, the very first thing I do with a new machine is to make a full sector by sector copy of it using ddrescue (a linux utility).

I then use Clonezilla Live for subsequent disk image backups (because it compresses them to save space). More about Clonezilla in this post:

But, for the very first backup, I make sure I've got an *exact* copy of the source drive.  Clonezilla live would probably be fine now, too (as the latest versions support GPT with Win 8)

In any event, did you try booting into your recovery partition to see if it could reinstall Windows for you? I'd probably try that first before using your recovery disks.

On bootup, try pressing F8 and see if booting into the Factory Restore partition is available. If not, reboot, use F2 to get into Safe Mode and see if you see it there.

Now, I have read that once partitions have been resized, using the Recovery Partition will no longer work. You'd have to test it to find out. That's one reason I usually make a full disk image backup when I get a new PC, so I make sure I've got a sector by sector copy of the disk I can use if needed.

As for using your recovery disks if it comes to that. you may need to wipe the drive first if they won't work (and I'd makes sure the BIOS settings are the same as they were when you made the recovery disks)

You can use DBAN (Darik's Boot and Nuke) for that purpose. Note this thread discussing it's use to wipe a drive in preparation for a clean install of Windows 8:

But I'd see if you can use the recovery disks without going to that approach first.

If all else fails, just reinstall Windows from scratch using a Win 8 install .iso (and that thread goes into how to get one and burn it to DVD).

You'll also find download links to torrents that have Win 8 DVDs. Or, as I already suggested in this this post, request a Win 8 disk from Dell (you'll see a link to a request form in the post I made earlier here):

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