30 new lenses added in one go to the m4/3 system...

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Re: 30 new lenses added in one go to the m4/3 system...

amalric wrote:

fermy wrote:

Potential addition of HQ 4/3 lenses should be interesting to those clamoring for quality fast zooms or long teles and of course those that hold on to 4/3 lenses. However, this is waporware so far, when the camera is there there will be something to discuss.

Well, it depends. Because the lenses are already there, and I have seen a few even here using them and complaining about slow AF.

Add those who complain that m4/3 have little or no fast zooms. Add those who want GHG quality.

Potentiallly a Pro OMD, together with the GH3, is possibly worth a Pro forum apart.

actually that could be a good idea

If the porting of the 4/3 lenses is successful there are quite a few needs that are covered.

From a purely m4/3 perspective I think that a mix of primes for the central range, and zooms at the extremes makes good sense.

But if I was a marriage hack, then perhaps I would consider the 12-60 in preference to the 12-50, or even the 12-35.

if its AF worked out or you could put up with whatever AF drag it had, that could be a cost competitive formula. Theyre around for less than $500


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