Canon 10-22 samples - opinions please

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Re: Canon 10-22 samples - opinions please

Sovern wrote:

Alastair Norcross wrote:

Sovern wrote:

I'm seeing a significant amount of vignetting in the first photo. Quality looks fine....I wouldn't expect a lot out of an EF-S lens. If you want a better wide angle drop the EF-S zoom or get a FF.

Why wouldn't you expect a lot out of an EF-S lens? Some of them, like the 10-22, are top notch. If you have a crop camera, an EF-S lens is often the best choice, especially at wide angle.

Because you don;t see the sweet spot like you would with an EF L lens. EF lenses are just better built. The 10-22 and 17-55 are both made of plastic while even my EF 85 1.8 is primarily metal.

Neither of those is a good reason. EF-S lenses are designed specifically for crop cameras. If you think being made of plastic is a reason to doubt the optics of a lens, you obviously don't have much experience with lenses. I have 3 L primes and 2 L zooms, as well as the 85 F1.8, and the 10-22, so I know how EF lenses compare with EF-S lenses. The 10-22 isn't as solidly built as the L lenses, but it is fine. As far as results are concerned, solid build doesn't affect it.

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