Going FF; Input appreciated

Started Dec 21, 2012 | Discussions thread
frank-in-toronto Senior Member • Posts: 1,034
Re: Going FF; Input appreciated

I have the d600 and love everything about it (except the obvious problem).  the d700 is still a fantastic body. it's high iso is still great.  if you can get one for a reasonable price, i'd suggest doing that and waiting for the dust to clear on the d600.  maybe next year.  just watch the forum and see when the complaints stop.  ask for serial number so if nikon did a fix on the assembly line, you won't get stuck with a bad one.

i suppose you know any lenses you have from the d7000 will work on the d700? just at reduced resolution.  that may not matter if you're only doing web postings anyway.  just don't expect to crop much.

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