I was going to buy a Sony A65, but the D7000 went on sale...

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Re: I was going to buy a Sony A65, but the D7000 went on sale...

Fatbob73 wrote:

Hi folks,

I need some help/advice with my SLR purchase. For a while now I had made up my mind and was going to buy an A65. A few camera shops in my area have it on sale for $720 (body only). Then these same camera stores went ahead and put the Nikon D7000 on sale for $760 (body only). This has me re-evaluating my decision to go with the A65. With the D7000 so close in price to the A65, would I be crazy not to get the D7000? My concern with the D7000 is that it is now getting up there in age and I'm wondering if it is lacking features that you find on a newer SLRs like the A65 (e.i. HDR, tilting screen, better video capabilities, etc)?


That is very personal. Some like the features some just look at a body as a tool to attach the lens to.

HDR can be done on the pc with the right software

I am assuming that you don't have any lenses to be taken in account. I shoot Canon but in your case I'd pick the D7000 and benchmark other body's to the Nikon.

Maybe with a firmware update the D7000 gets new features.

Have a look at lenses and acc. I think here Nikon takes a lead over Sony as a system.

It's a personal thing basicly, just have a good look at what you find important.

If both body's can do your kind of photography (and video) you can't go wrong with either but my advice is to have a good look at lenses etc. too.

Recently I was to buy a feature rich camera but it was sold out, I got a discount on a model up (better viewfinder,AF and burstrate) with less features but an ergonomicly better tool for certain kinds of photography and got that with no regrets.

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Cheers Mike

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