Lens Configuration for Wildlife Photography

Started Dec 21, 2012 | Questions thread
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Re: Lens Configuration for Wildlife Photography

You will be un-happy with the 70-300. I am not familiar with the lens. but have over 70 years of experience with lens. I will assume that lens has a F 4 lens a 2x would take you to F8 not much light may not auto focus. the 50 -500  is light has a f6.3 with a 1.4x this would take you to just over an f8 and would give you a 700 + lens with tripod or monopod no problem( if your lens has a f5.6 you will fin it even less.) Monopods are easy to carry in luggage. Now, if you buy a 50-500mm buy the sigma 1.4x as it is engineered to to compliment the lens. I have the 50- 500mm great lens.

Lastly, the system suggested will read with your camera listing on the exif data the mm used and the actual fstop used. We both have the Nikon system

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