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Re: Ink etc.

Like you, I also had a HP 7960.  I then bought a HP 8750.  I loved the output of these printers.  Incredible B&W.  I now own an Epson 1400 and since two weeks ago an Epson R2000.  As far as I am concerned, the R2000 is the best of the bunch.  As JToolman  said earlier the black and white output is very good with the R2000.  If you custom profile the ink and paper you will get B&W prints from the R2000 that you will be happy with.  Awhile back, I started a thread about the inexpensive Epson ink for the R2000 that was available on Ebay.  I was wondering if it was for real.  JToolman bought some and reported back that it was the real thing.  I have since bought it and am very happy with it.  My vote is for the Epson R2000.


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