High-speed in-flight insects 3D hardware prototype.

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Re: High-speed in-flight insects 3D hardware prototype.

The cost is very relative. Photography, electronics, optics and mechanics are my hobby. Experiments costs money. You have several components needed in order to make a prototype. Once everything has been finalized, you need far less. For mechanical operations, you can use a lathe and milling machine. You should also calculate this cost? There are the measuring devices. Logic analyser, scope, programming tools etc.

As external shutter you can buy an Uniblitz VS25s shutter or use an old compur0 shutter, the first is very expensive the second almost nothing.

The little FPGA board cost only $76 but here in belgium I paid 115 euro due to additional taxes. I have 4 different line array's ordered but only one should I use. Every year I spend between 500 and 1000 euro for components en tools. I buy most items in larger numbers. So I have all kinds of parts usually in stock except special as the line arrays. The sum of the used parts into this prototype do not cost much. But there is a lot of work.

The 2 lasers cost a lot too (74 euro each). For sometimes slightly better result you should get some extra costs. For cameras and lenses you know the cost. Those components are very durable.

Frans (fotoopa)

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