RAW file - color are different in ViewNX 2 and Lightroom 4.

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Re: RAW file - color are different in ViewNX 2 and Lightroom 4.

D7KNewbie wrote:

I need help. On my trip to Rocky, I took some photos in RAW. I don't usually shoot in RAW, but I wanted to try developing a photo. When I came back and opened them in Lightroom 4, I noticed the colors are not accurate. It was bright day and the sky was bluer. I was disappointed with what I was seeing.

After doing some research, I thought I would open the RAW files in ViewNX 2. The colors looked much better and I thought it was more accurate to what I captured.

I attached the view of the RAW files in LR4 and ViewNX2 below.

Am I not using LR4 correctly? Is there anything I can do to LR4 to make it more accurate(?)?


I'd caution you about "the colors are not accurate".  Remember our eyes do not have absolute colour sense - only relative sense - so (except for really gross errors) you can't say whether colours are "right" compared to the original unless you can see the two side-by-side.  However, you can reasonably say one is "better" or "preferable" in a subjective sense.

The images produced by Nikon View NX or Nikon Capture NX2 are certainly closer to the out-of-camera jpegs than Adobe raw conversion using Adobe standard profile.  I'd also agree that the Nikon software produces a "better" rendition than Adobe Standard profile, which (IMHO) is a waste of space for Nikon cameras I've used.

However, if in LR's camera calibration panel (bottom right in Develop Module) you choose "Camera Standard", "Camera Landscape" etc (corresponding to whichever picture control you use in the camera) then you'll probably find the results are pretty close to the equivalently-named Nikon picture profile.

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