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Re: Helpful for some of us

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phiri wrote:_

No pro camera has an articulating screen. In the semi pro category, only the Sony has it. In the entry level FF, none has it. Therefore this is awrong question, dont you think so? While an articulating screen maybe important, it can hardly be a deal breaker for many. How many times does one use it in comparison to the VF?

Actually the articulating screen is very helpful in many situations, like macro photography, low angle shooting in general, taking portraits/doing reportage style work while keeping eye contact, and aslo great for astrophotography. I use the viewfinder most of the time, but I would have missed many very good pictures if it wasn't for the articulated screen.

So for some of us the A77/A99 screen is very helpful.

I agree but it is not a deal breaker and that is my point. The big two àre not providing it and there seem to be no cry for it in the canikon forums. For me, i use the VF solely unless I am using a tripod

For me this is the only reason why I haven't switched to Nikon or Canon yet. Still I am not sure this is worth such premium over D800 (700$ more in Europe) and D600 (1700$ more).

My opinion: There are so much more about the SLT that I would never move to N/C and their optical viewfinders and slamming mirrors even if I was about to start from scratch!

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