The Sunday BIRD Volume 8, Issue 27: December 23, 2012

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New Zealand endemic

These can only survive because the New Zealand people created pest free sanctuaries.

These are from my recent trip to Tiritiri Matangi Island.

If you come and visits New Zealand and you are in the Auckland area, plan a (day) visit to the island, it will be a day you experience the bird life as it once was in the New Zealand forests.

Kōkako (Callaeas cinereus)

The North Island Kōkako is one of three species of New Zealand Wattlebird the others are the Saddleback or Tieke and the extinct Huia.

Some people say (belief) that the South Island Kōkako is still alive (has orange wattles), but the official word is that it is extinct.

Sattleback, hops more then it flies.

Male Stitchbird (Hihi)

Female Stitchbird (Hihi)

Yellow-Crowned Parakeet

Yellow-Crowned Parakeet

Takahē, actually teh South Island Takahē, rediscovered in 1948. (maybe there is still hope for the South Island Kōkako)

North Island Robin

Red Crowned Parakeet

Red-Crowned Parakeet

Of these birds the Takahē is the most endangered only about 225 left, followed by the kōkako with about 750 pairs left.

As always C&C is welcome.



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