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Re: Compelling you to get a D600 for less.. disappointing is what I say.

Richard wrote:

​So my conclusion is still the D600 is a better camera all the way around, it gives Nikon users what they want, the street price is lower, better deals. I wanted a 6d because I did not want to spend 3k on the 5d3, but the D600 is very compelling, and the 6d in this review leaves me wanting more, wanting a camera more like the D600, which is sad.

That is not to say the 6d is not a good camera, the added features of included GPS and Wifi may be something someone wants, high ISO noise performance is good and low light AF accuracy is good. But these for me don't make up for the features that were stripped off of camera (the rebel and xxd models) that were not stripped from the Nikon version. Overall pretty disappointing still.

Well, for me the apparent low noise and high dynamic range parred with the GPS functionality makes it a much more attractive camera than then D600 - additionally that wont fit any of my lenses!

But admittedly, a 6DmkII with the 5DmkIII autofocus could have been an optimal compromise.

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