Help through the lens maze please.

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Re: Help through the lens maze please.

davidevans1 wrote:

I'm getting confused at which lens is best for what with the NEX 7.

First for landscape. I'm happy to use the NEX7 on a tripod, use a remote and will always shoot Raw. I'm wanting optimal photograph quality (lack of chromatic aberration, sharpness, colour rendition) at both the wider (not ultra wide) and shorter tele ranges. It doesn't have to be autofocus, unless precise manual focusing is very difficult with the NEX7. What do I go for?

Second for more general use, handheld, family, street style photography, just walking around looking for interesting objects etc. Again to produce the best photographic quality doing this, and again shooting Raw, What's best for this please?

Thanks for any advice. It's really difficult to tell looking at reviews, Flickr etc.

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The second question is easy - for best quality in a walkabout, the SZ24, as slvrmn mentioned.

If that lens isn't wide enough for your landscapes, you'll need a good manual one with adapter, look around in this forum a bit and you should be able to find good ideas. Or you can wait for the Zeiss 12mm early next year and see how that works with NEX-7.

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