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Re: How about an analogy...ntel

chlamchowder wrote:

I said: "Most people buy anything that says Canikon on it"

Your response: "A small minority of people mirrorless cameras"

This doesn't refute my statement. The group of people I'm talking about is much, much larger than the group you are talking about.

Mirrorless cameras have significant market share now. That's not a small minority at all - in fact, it's large enough that Canon and Nikon have been forced to pay attention and make their own mirrorless offerings.

You're using relative terms like "significant" to argue semantics, because my statement about most people buying anything that says Canikon on it is a fact you can't refute. Mirrorless sales are nowhere near DSLR sales.

There was a significant number of people willing to put up with an EVF, lower battery life, and slower AF to get a smaller camera with good image quality. There's no great surge of photographers waiting to jump from an OVF DSLR to an EVF DSLR.

Because people don't care about what type of viewfinder it is right now, but they will as soon as EVFs start demonstrably outperforming OVFs, which EVFs' current advancement trajectory suggests is a foregone conclusion.

If people who actually designed product lines and ran businesses thought that way, we'd still be shooting film cameras, since the first digital cameras were far inferior in many respects to film cameras, and were only developed based on the promise that future iterations would bring improvement.

The first digital cameras offered a huge advantage in convenience. In particular, the ability to deliver and transmit results quickly, reuse media, and store more shots before having to change media was a huge leap.

That same leap in convenience just isn't there with EVFs vs. OVFs.

Not mearly as convenient as a polaroid and a scanner. The image quality was worse too. Printing anything larger than a thumbnail with remotely acceptable quality was out of the question. They were utterly useless for any purpose other than a novelty item. But everyone knew that it would get better, a lot better, and it has, which is why film is dead, and why most OVF lovers are also film junkies frrom the 80s and 90s.

Until it doesn't do a better job. Then they'll be in last place in the entire interchangeable lens camera market, just like they are in the mirrorless market today.

AMD stuck with conservative pipeline designs until it didn't do a better job compared to Intel's new NetBurst architecture. AMD never had to switch. Intel's NetBurst architecture was never heard from again. AMD won.

Yes because AMD is just destroying Intel in today's processor market, right?

Ultimately, what you're suggesting feels like asking AMD back in 2000 to adopt Intel's strategy of increasing clock speed by doing less per clock cycle, based on the promise that the new architecture will do a better job some time in the future (it never did).

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