**Nex-6** Question about Focus Peaking

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Re: Macro: Lets try this

nzmacro wrote:

There is only one time I turn this feature off. Macro.

Go into settings and turn liveview ............ Off

As we use the lower apertures F/8 - F/22 for example on a manual lens, its gets pretty dark with macro shooting. I switch liveview to off and hello !!

You do however need to know what you are doing with exposure, you don't have liveview to go by. All my settings are a standard so I don't have that issue.

Give it a shot. That's on the NEX-7 at least. The NEX 6 I imagine is the same.

All the best and its worth a try.


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Thanks for that.  From your post, does that mean you have the same basic problem with a NEX7 - that peaking indicator (red lines whatever colour you sue) is less visible in the viewfinder display than it is on the back of camera lcd?

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