Would a FF Nex need all new E-mount lenses?

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Re: Would a FF Nex need all new E-mount lenses?

This has been discussed before. Existing E mount lenses would be used in a cropped mode giving photos of a lower resolution which may match that of existing 16MP sensors.

Sony have shown a reluctance in the recent past to embrace the idea of making FF E mount lenses preferring to entertain the idea of having a mount or perhaps two adapters which would accept either E or A mount lenses. FF E mount lenses would of necessity be similar in size to existing A mount lenses so perhaps it makes more sense to recycle A mount lenses ?

Son will be forced into making a decision if the rumours about a FF Fuji X model are correct. Fuji don`t have a large user base using legacy lenses so they have a simpler choice - they will have to produce A new range of FF lenses.

I suspect that Sony are toying with the idea of basing a FF NEX on the existing FF video models but which use a more conventional body format. The current video models are too large & unweildy for everday use. Originally Sony wanted to keep the two ranges separate & that is why the first video model did not have still RAW files but now I foresee some greater convergence.

THE big challenge for Sony however is to keep the price at an affordable level. There have always been signs that the Sony user base are reluctant to spend at the higher levels & they will be getting some relevant feeback from sales of the A99 & RX1  & the video models.

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