Problem - YN622c with 2nd shooter

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Re: Problem - YN622c with 2nd shooter

Orr Zahavi wrote:

1. maybe I could find a way to use them as receivers only while triggering them with another YN (same channel) product... is something like that exist?!?

2. opening the unit and make a modification to cancel the reciever ability.

It's not open to modifications like that. There is a huge 2-way data flow between the 622s. (And the camera, and each flash.)

Did you read P.9 and the suggestions from wedding photographers?

You have not said what you are doing with the 3rd and 4th 622s; I made an assumption.

#1 - on Lead shooter's camera with flash on-top. Channel 2.
#2 - on 2nd shooter;s camera with flash on-top, channel 3.
#3, #4 - on stand in reception hall, bouncing off ceiling, or providing rim light. Both on channel 1.
Shooters move freely, using on-camera flash.
One shooter switches to channel 1 on the on-camera 622 to use reception flashes, and back to channel 2 or 3 when finished.

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