30 new lenses added in one go to the m4/3 system...

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Re: 30 new lenses added in one go to the m4/3 system...

amalric wrote:

duckling wrote:

Once this camera is on the market, moreover if the adapter turns up to be backwards compatible, there will be only one system. A camera system is defined only by the lenses it supports.

That rumor is good news not only for m4/3 users but also, perhaps even more so for 4/3 users. I own both so it wouldn't affect me much.

Backwards compatibility is key, indeed. But there are other aspects. Those are fast zooms with no SW correction, so potentially the best.

biding my time on this, I think it requires 'special camera connections' to achieve what is needed, which sounds like a no. Although lens adaption is clearly a part of it, it isnt all about an adapter in that sense, which is why in the general sense we are talking about a camera not an adapter.

It may actually go back to this patent filed in April 2012 for release in Nov 22 2012, uncovered by the intrepid Egami
Patent for the mount adapter is required for OLYMPUS AF and anti-vibration
this is an active mount with piezoelectric actuators and the idea is analogous to my own sensor 'wobble' I described some time ago. Although in some ways I still like mine better.

while this would necessarily be a EVF mirrorless body deployed with a mFT mount, it 'sounds' like it can have a more-or-less native 43rds mount, and hence gives access to both suites of lenses. Not much not to like about that

How do they compare with the resolution of the new m4/3 primes? And with m4/3 zooms' prices?

I would think other than 7-14/4, SHG zooms such as 14-35/2 and 35-100/2 would be at least as good as the best mFT primes, but my expectation is perhaps slightly better. But then these arent cheap kit

They'll need a bigger camera for sure to handle them.

the expectation is that this camera is between EM5 and E5

How will the combo compared with the rumoured FF NEX by the end of 2013, if they have the same size?

I think again it will be about lenses, not that Sony dont have nice lenses I quite like some of them and they do have a really nice build quality, but again in their useful sizes they arent cheap and the lineup is always going to be substantially less in scope and availability than the axis of mirrorless systems, micro FT

It will be quite a test of the system's potential...


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