30 new lenses added in one go to the m4/3 system...

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Re: 30 new lenses added in one go to the m4/3 system...

amalric wrote:

Thirty 4/3 lenses, mostly HQ zooms, to be used at their native speed by the coming Pro OM-D, by the end of 2013.

According to the rumors here, and according to 'DSLR Magazine', quite a serious site interacting with OLY's HQ:


Sems weird that nobody has even started a discussion here, or haven't I noticed?

The big question, methinks, is if the lenses will work only with the new camera, or if the adapter will be sold separately, and work with Panny too.

Although not everybody might be interested in using heavy, big zooms, the news could affect at least 2 forums, 1022, and 1041, by introducing different patterns of usage.

Forums' segmentation might be affected too in 2013. Although m4/3 as a system is to be boosted quite a bit.

4/3 dSLR bodies are to be buried, but the lenses live on in m4/3!

This is mainly of interest for 4/3 users. I'm not really interested in getting big heavy 4/3 zooms : what attracts me in MFT is to have a small system. I'm more interested in getting high IQ lenses in the native MFT format than adapting bigger ones. I do already have big Canon L lenses, if I want a big system, I will just upgrade my olding 5D body.

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