Official: No More 4/3 Bodies (lenses)

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Re: Official: No More 4/3 Bodies (lenses)

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I've not been here for ages. Was there really anyone saying 4/3rds was not a discontinued system?
That's nuts!
However, the good news is a camera is coming that can use the lenses! And since the lenses are excellent. and I have a bag full of the things, that's brilliant!
Anyone sulking because there is no E7 with an OM-D sensor must have been living on a different planet these last five years.

Butchy wrote:

A couple of months ago people who were saying that Olympus 4/3 is discontinued system were called trolls. Now Olympus seems to be a biggest troll

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hehe well there were actually quite a few indications from Olympus themselves that 4/3's would be no more. . .it's just the

that isnt true, it was never true
at every turn, at every time they opened their mouth about 43rds
they told us 43rds wasnt dead

He is actually quite right. Also Olympus didn't do that at every turn as you say. What they end up giving out was mixed signals but there were more than ample signs that they were going to axe the system until relatively recently.

When there's a presentation to the press that clearly says "E-5 is a stop gap until pro micro fourd thirds comes along" I don't know how someone can ignore that. This was brought up several times before and people still decided to ignore it.

that they were planning the next 'E'
that they saw a need for mirrorless and SLRs

They said so later. Or that they were "studying the successor of" the E-5.  It's all been mixed signals and certainly not an easy position to re-assure people while axing the system.

that they continue to be firmly supporting the E-system
and 'at this point they just dont see a reason to shut it down'

I think supporting the 4/3rd lenses in a micro four thirds body capable of using them is exactly that. A "backward compatibility" if you will - thought the 4/3rds system is dead as far as new development.

But I don't think anyone should have a heart attack for that- if they have the lenses and the new camera can use it fine and Olympus can still fix the older lenses for say the next 5-7 I don't think that's bad at all.

would word it in a nice and friendly corporate way and some people here couldn't interpret that message well and or didn't believe it even as it was coming straight from the horses mouth. They weren't just gonna come out and say the 4/3 system is no more in literal terms, instead they ignore the system and dance around the questions while focusing on the money making m4/3's - that's about as clear of a message for many though as for most of us actions speak louder than words which is why you'll see quite a few people who have moved on but still hang around because they still have some lenses and shoot with olympus occassionaly.

It's a weird vibe in here, the last remaining fans are the most die-hard and thus seem to always be on edge/defensive - seem to turn a blind eye towards anything else out there, questioning the obvious as if it's some kind of surprise that everyone else has surpassed 4/3's by leaps and bounds a long time ago - impossible! They don't have SHG lenses!

maybe they were the same people who didnt like green skin and cyan skies in their images,
just maybe they looked at some diffracting expensive sob and wondered why do I need it,
maybe those lenses were hard to duplicate in part of in whole on another system > otoh maybe sigma is your industry standard of quality and excellence
maybe they wondered why someone would want a electronic buzbox you had to turn on to see through, that wouldnt focus their lenses worth a damn,

and maybe when it came to adding bits onto the thing just so you could hold it, they asked themselves why am I doing this

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