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Re: Characterizing the image quality

Charles2 wrote:

In the video Nick praised image quality for detail, microcontrast and snap. Those qualities mean something to knowledgeable photographers. Perhaps the way to sum them up is that you look into the photo. It is 3-D -- not discrete planes like a stereoscopic movie -- rather, the 3-D of the elements of the scene themselves.

"Knowledgeable photographers" are more interested in matching a particular camera to their needs and wants as a photographic tool than esoteric fantasies made unilaterally the "cusp of perfection of everything photographic on a technical basis" because that's not really photography but a fantasy.

The Sigma can do phenomenal results within a narrow operational domain. Other cameras will have those very qualities you mention better than the Sigma in other domains. It's a matter of matching and making sure the Sigma does what you want to do as a photographer for the photographs you are after.

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