How low will d3s go?

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Re: How low will d3s go?

LX93 wrote:

coronawithlime wrote:

it argues in favor of the OP contention that some of the used equipment out there represents a tremendous value for the right people.

Like, for instance, people interested less in gear and more in results. That's a lot of people.

Or people who shoot for a living. Or people who simply want to do more w/ a camera_lens_flash than have it sit on a shelf and claim "It takes great pictures" while bragging about how their gear is never even taken outdoors.

Interesting how the D4 still hasn't dropped in price, even though there are some reasons to like a D3s more.

I'd argue that we are coming out of the age of digital infancy. Most modern cameras are able to take great pictures, just as the medium format film cameras of 1980s still are able to take pictures as good as they could in 1980s. Just as you can buy a medium format film camera for couple hundred bucks today you will be able to buy D3s eventually. The big difference between D3 generation and D1/D2 generations is that D3 generation cameras are very close to the resolution perception limit, just as medium format film is still very usable in terms of IQ.

I am trying to study here the big trend of pro-digital cameras. It seems that D3 generation and following generations will be much harder to obsolete than D2 and D1 generations were. So eventually, D5 or D6 generations, will we see used pro gear being so heavily recycled that it may make no sense of buying new ameature camera, since by then cheap d3s will work just as well in real world. Would, in 2020, 200Mpx DX camera at 4fps really be better than say D4 off ebay for $500?

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