Just wondering if anyone here bought a D600?

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Re: Just wondering if anyone here bought a D600?

petreluk wrote:

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petreluk wrote:

I nearly bought one but steered away when it became clear that building it down to a price had produced too many compromises for me, and then the troubles with dust or oil continually spattering the sensor started to emerge and I know that hassle would have driven me mad.

If you remember the first 3 or 4 months, K-5 had the issue with dust on sensor (inside the glass, so it couldn't even be cleared). There were several dozen long threads about that here.

Dust (which I don't recall) or the sensor stains issue? If the latter, then yes but fairly swiftly acknowledged and put right by Pentax. I remember my dealer telling customers that affected units would be exchanged on the spot. Nikon's handling of the D600 dust stuff, by comparison, which they've tried to avoid admitting, is almost an object lesson in how to damage your brand and may be a factor in the continued drop in price of the D600.

My sensor stain took 3 months to get resolved on my K5 and only after some aggravation with emails trying to get it covered by warranty. I also had oil on my D800, $1.50 and two swabs later (10min to clean) all good to go.

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