good dslr that has a fast lens?

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Re: good dslr that has a fast lens?

RaymondR wrote:

not sure how the FZ200 improves on the Oly xz-1 -- sensor size is about the same and the Oly is faster. you are resisting the good advice you have been getting because you seem to think there is a magic solution. there isn't. dslr plus kit plus flash is your inexpensive solution. dslr body only plus a fast constant aperture zoom (17-20 2.8) is the other solution. but photography is about light and if you want to shoot small fast moving kids, flash is the best answer, that and learning how to use it. the camera gear is just a set of tools. what you get depends on your skill in using them, not their technical merit when sitting on a table.

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I am certainly not resisting the good advice I'm being given, or at least I'm not trying to. I really appreciate the advice, but I'm just trying to solicit it from many people as many people have different experiences with different cameras and so many people here have so much knowledge to offer. So I'm really thankful and sorry if I seem resistant. I just hope I'm being clear enough about what I want and what my budget constraints and experience are so that people who are helping can be clear on what my needs are.

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