Wet cleaning a d600 with sensor swabs easy as pie

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The arrogance is strong in this one...

spbStan wrote:

What gets me how or when did dust become a "defect" that warrants replacing a camera?

The D600 is my 6th Nikon DSLR and so far I have spent more time and money cleaning it after less than 3000 exposures than I probably have done with my 5 previous DSLRs in total.

The problem is of course not regular dust, the problem is oil/lubricant that splatters onto the sensor in a way that makes regular dust stick so you have to wet clean to remove it.

And yes; I have no problems calling it serious defect - or outright failed product - when you have to wet clean it after every 4 - 500 exposures to make it look as good as my D700 sensor (which I never even wet cleaned once) did after more than 55.000 exposures.

They probably return a new car if the windshield gets dirty or the paint needs washing.

If my new car spat oil onto my windshield that had to be removed by using a special solution that cost me 10% of the cars value for every 4-5 cleanings, or by the dealer instead of just cleaning it myself I would surely demand a new one.

You might be annoyed by all the D600 complaints on this forum, but remember that quite a few of them are from people like me who have years and years of experience from DSLRs and SLRs before that. We are not newbies that complain because of some dust that one can easliy remove with a blower. We complain because the problem is far worse than that.

Personally I am more annoyed about people mouthing off and belittling this problem when they obviously don't even know what the problem actually is (re your comments regarding 'dust').

It is quite clear to me that Nikon with the D600 have:

1) Released a seriously flawed product or

2) Have stopped doing quality control or

3) Have had someone pouring a teaspoon of olive oil into most of the D600s just for fun.

I wouldn't be surprised if Nikon releases a D600s that fixes the cause of these problems sometime during the first quarter of 2013. And in effect makes the current D600 cameras worth next to nothing.

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