How low will d3s go?

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Re: How low will d3s go?

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It seems to me we are at the sweet spot of sensor resolution. While i am sure that pixel race will continue into d5 and d900 etc, the fact is: d3s will still take as good of the pictures tomorrow as it did yesterday. While i would not buy a D1 or D2 today i think that d3s may be at the sweet spot tomorrow. Do you think that when d5 comes out we will see $600 D3s on ebay, just as $600 seems to be the going rate for d2H today? Up until now we have seen rampant rise in pixel count, but i think most non-landscape photographers would agree that 12MPx is pretty good res to shoot at. Or do you think that the consumer dx cameras like d8000 will outperform d3s just as d7000 (and may be even d90) outperform D2? I suspect that consumer dx sensors will keep pushing mega pixels, since that is one thing all "moms and dads" look at. Do you think higher pixel densities of tomorows dx sensors will hold them back in overall IQ as compared to d3s? I already have 36MPx monster, but do you think d3s is worth buying when its price drops to say 2k or 1k? By that time do you think dx sensors (d7200, d400 etc) will be able to catch up in overall speed and IQ to d3s?

Are we coming close to the point when yesterdays top tech is still better than today's consumer tech? So far DSLR technology has been advancing so fast that high end consumer tech is actually better than old pro tech (D7000>d2), but there is a point where we get to the law of diminishing returns. ISO performance may potentially rise, say we get to the point where consumer cameras can deliver crystal clear images at 25K ISO; that is useful in low light but useless for daylight sports photographer who needs 11pfs not 5. Some things will not benefit from technology advancements, the 11fps capable shutter will still cost just as much tomorrow as it does today and so it will not be found in consumer cameras.

No not a chance, try finding a good used D3s they are rare as hen's teeth. People are hanging on to them asking " big bucks" when they sell them. I loved mine would of still had it. Unfortunately it was destroyed.

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