FTP 36mp files.

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Re: FTP 36mp files.

Most of the time the transfer will cruise along (can't recall the actual speed) but then slow down to a tenth of the former. Over the course of the file transfer it will undulate fast and then slow.

I just presumed this was just variations in the overall use of the bandwidth at the hotel or at least from the hub that I am using. I average 5-8GB for the overall transfer. Hotels used are usually a Best Western, Baymont Suites, Quality Inn, or Jameson Inn. Time elapsed is usually about 5 to 6 3/4 hours.

As long as I have clients that require me to do this, I'll do it. Occasionally I'll hand deliver the images to the lab, but this isn't always the case. I do have a small Apple Airport Express (I'm using it now at home) which I could take with me if there is a wired ethernet at the hotel. I have no control of the settings at the server.

Even though there are computer techs at the lab, most of those receiving the files are not the computer techs but the photo techs that are printing the prints. The computer techs are more or less trouble shooters, as long as the images get to them, well,...the lab is happy.  By the way, there are a whole lot of photographers doing just what I am doing; with volumes just as mine. Sending files from even a D3200 can be time consuming.

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