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Re: Great shot!

ValonPhoto wrote:

I have to disagree with the previous posts. Mark this is aex excellent shot and I love what you've dont in post! The eyes are perfect and the mood of the photo is exceptional. Beautiful little girl, with great features and you bought that perfectly. If I were to choose one to out in my portfolio (if I were you or these were my photos) your first final photo would be my choice.

Nice job! What ap are you using on your iPad? Aperture?

THanks for the feedback.  I've taken a million photos of my daughter, so figuring out how to work with them in post really does become a challenge - and I think it pushes me to overdo it at times.  Given I know the subject of the photo, I also think it makes it more difficult for me to be objective with the final results.

On the iPad I've been using Snapseed for the more drastic changes - it has a "drama" filter which is sort of a combination of the overlay effect I used to use in Photoshop as well as I think some contrast, sharpening and saturation.  I use iPhoto for the more traditional actions such as localised dodging and burning and sharpening - that's where I do the eyes for example.  Both apps are pretty well integrated into the iPad and so make it fairly easy to adjust pictures there, and then continue if I like on the MAC.  The photostream feature ensures that anything I adjust on the iPad automatically appears on all connected devices, and vice versa with the Mac or even the iPhone.  I pull everything together using Aperture on the Mac - which also provides me with the iPhoto-like functionality from the iPad, but again, still working out everything it does.  The cataloging feature to organise the photos serves me well though.

Here's a newer photo (taken in the bathtub!), and I've gone for black and white this time to see what difference that makes.  I've been using silver effex pro which seems pretty good.  It's way more powerful than I've so far managed to work out, but I suppose practice is the way to get there.  I also need to figure out how to choose the size to upload to the DPreview galleries.  This one had to be shrunk to 50% of the original size in order to get it uploaded.  Perhaps this version is now a little small to view.

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