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PSP is not my first recommendation for an alternative to Photoshop. I bought an earlier version of PSP for my Grand daughter but she asked me to "swap" it for Photoshop elements" ...a much cheaper alternative to Photoshop. I just happened to have a copy of version 6 that came with a scanner I bought so I gave her that.

Which version of PSP? x5 is an incredible piece of software certainly surpassing PSE 6

Last month I had need to edit some shots at her home and only had her PC to do it with. I found PS Elements to be excellent. She'd added some of her found software to the PC and created a very nice editing computer around PSE.

Prior to this event, I had set up X6 Corel Draw which you probably know comes with the much underrated Photo Paint. I still use this program for a lot of work Photoshop can't do or does badly. I don't understand why it is not publicized more because it is a great photo editor, once you master the somewhat clumsy color management system.

Agree on color management....Once the color management is figured out though it is perfect. PhotoPaint combined with Draw is unsurpassed as a combination graphics suite. Very few in North America would know that. Corel Designer ups the ante one more, and with Painter and CAD now here its no contest. Photoshop does retain the edge with bells and whistles though. Corel, with their graphics utilities spread out all over the place makes little sense to me too.

I run a Pro printing lab in Australia. I stopped shooting weddings when a lovely little thing said I was too expensive, she could buy a dozen digital cameras for her guests cheaper than I quoted her. She did too and brought the mess to me to sort out into a viable album. Not for me but she probably found someone willing to take it on. Today I only do portraits and feed my lab with panoramas to sell in my gallery.

Same here in Canada. Point and shoot cameras are getting so good now they even work well in dimly lit hockey arenas. I see many newbies buying Canon DSLR's too and giving photos away free.

If you can't afford Photoshop (once you are in the loop, upgrades are affordable) I'd look first at elements and then at Corel Draw suit which apart from Paint has lots of stuff to keep you amused in retirement that Photoshop doesn't offer and Adobe want you to mortgage your house to buy.

CorelDraw as a retirement project? I think PSP or Aftershot Pro or Lightroom will yield better benefits. Draw takes years to grasp.

As always. My opinion is just just that. Anyone can disagree with it and I won't object but if you use anything I've said to form an opinion about buying something, it ain't my fault if it goes pear shaped for you. OK?

Agreed. And this is the beauty of free trials. Download them both, use for the 30 days, and print the results. The UI will probably be the deciding factor.

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