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Re: This can really happen any time

DMillier wrote:

I hit reply to an interesting post, I wrote a response (slowly), I posted. My post disappeared, but the thread had been locked, my words did not make it to the thread. I hit the back button, the reply screen re-appeared, empty.

Mod has investigated, it's gone. Seems to be a feature of how the forum software works - which makes locking threads risky to uncompleted posts. Maybe they can implement a buffer of some kind, it would would be dull to have to compose posts offline and paste into DPR. Loses that spontanaity...

It's ever so easy to right-mouse, select all and save before posting.

As for losing spontaneity, I ALWAYS right-mouse and check spelling with my installed IeSpell: greatly improves the 'spontaneity' of my orthography.

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