Possible BIG problem 16-50 with Nex 6!

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Re: Possible BIG problem 16-50 with Nex 6!

Unfortunately I don't think this will be the case.  Most folks buying these things will never hit this forum and certainly won't pixel-peep to the extent we all have.  Honestly, had I not found this thread I probably wouldn't have ever noticed this for 2 reasons:

1.  It only happens at 50mm for me.  Where the "knee" of this curve is (from 16 to 50mm) this flaw occurs is unknown.  So, a lot of the kit lens pictures *will* be sharp.

2.  Most don't pixel-peep.  Even these out of focus shots will look fine in a photo album or on a digital picture frame -- which is where most of these kit lens photos will land.

So, it's up to the folks here (or a mention in Dpreview's review) to make a big enough stink to sway Sony to produce a fix.  Honestly, though a $1000 camera is not cheap, the quality control/manufacturing tolerance is simply not there to prevent issues like this.  From the early Canon Rebel days, when this back/front focus stuff kept coming up, to now -- I simply *don't* understand why these manufacturers don't put in (or in our case, enable) micro-focus adjustments.  Just crazy.

Lastly, what support number/email/URL did you guys all use?  I want strength in numbers!


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