Full Frame NEX new SR5 rumor

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Re: Full Frame NEX new SR5 rumor


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losangeles wrote:

Full Frame NEX coming in a year

Good lenses for that system coming in 10 years.

Sony needs to understand that they need more lenses than bodies. OK, I know there are some OK lenses out there, but really, where is the high quality standard zoom? The high quality primes? During the time I had a NEX 5 I loved the sensor and body, but was very constrained by the lack of glass. If Sony is serious about a FF NEX system, they had better start developing lenses now.

There was a lack of lenses during the time of the original 5. This no longer represents the current situation.

Well, I disagree. The current kit zoom is OK, but not up to the task when compared to the competition. There is no high quality standard zoom. The primes, except for the Zeiss 24mm, are fair, at best. There is still a dearth of quality native mount lenses from what I see.

What competition. u43? Canon EOS-M? X mount?

Yes, m4/3 primarily. There is some stellar glass available in that mount.

The 19, 24, 30, 35, 50 are all good.

Good, but mostly far from excellent from what I can see. But if the shooter is satisfied with them, that works.

And the early adopters for this FF system have already got the FF lenses - they want the camera in order to be able to properly use them!. This gives SONY breathing space and a lot of initial product support while they ramp up production.

FF native lenses? Or are you talking about Alpha mount lenses? Which will require an adapter?

Do you not read forums and see all the pople using Leica M, Zeiss ZM, and Voigtlander lenses on NEX because of their size and IQ advantages?

Yes, and I also see that they all need adapters, which defeats the size advantage of those nice compact bodies. I was referring to native mount lenses.

All of the SLR lenses that are being used?

As far as I know there are NO FF native NEX lenses.

So you are completely ignorant as to existing FF native E-mount lenses like these


Ah, right. A few Rokinons and a bunch of incredibly expensive manual focus cine lenses. Seriously, if that's what satisfied you, well, OK. Those aren't practical choices for the vast majority of users due to cost issues. Is anyone really going to rely on that lens selection if they buy a FF NEX? Really?

Why do people come here to criticize a camera that has not even been released?

I wasn't, and didn't. I was offering a comment on the dearth of quality lenses in that mount. I refused to use an adapter with mine because it was a pain.

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