Has anyone sold an X100 and bought an RX1?

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Re: Has anyone sold an X100 and bought an RX1?

I have both cameras, and am torn. I haven't received my RX1 EVF yet, so it's not a direct comparison. So far the Fuji is winning in the "can I take photos with it" contest, but I haven't been able to compare image quality.

The X100 with the lensmate thumb grip handles better - the OVF/EVF is in the right place for my left eye. The flatness and lightness of it makes it far easier to pack; the RX1 is much heavy and the protruding lens makes it far harder to pocket. I'm sure the EVF is going to make it worse.

AF is .. different. With the firmware updates Fuji made earlier in the year, the X100 is more reliable, but slightly slower. The RX1 works far better in low light, but actually feels slower because you see it hunt (whereas the X100 often just freezes the screen until it focuses). Sometimes I just can't get the RX1 to focus on a face, even in bright light, whereas the X100 slowly nails it almost every time. Also, the X100 lets you focus on a point, whereas the RX1 focuses on a small area - makes it harder to focus on the subject's eyes. So far it feels like the X100 is going to miss motion-based shots, and the RX1 is just going to misfocus sometimes but be better at snapping things off quickly. We'll see.

The preview on the back of the RX1 is silky smooth, even in dim light - the framerate is ridiculously high. The X100 feels much slower.

I LOVE the built-in ND filter in the X100; I really wish the RX1 had one too. I also love the EzFoto auto lens cap for the X100.

I really hope Sony can fix the AF issues. I bought this camera because the X100's AF was missing fast-moving babies, but it feels like the RX1 might not be a huge amount better.

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