Where is Canon 1DX made?

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Re: Bait and switch liars is the problem!

In the original post I have added 2 links to the stores I have found good deals but my post has been edited out.

I know ALL the meanings of bait and switch and other gimmics but this time did not look like one. I have placed the order for one Canon 1DX on the web at the store in NJ (have checked it and has good reviews, and have bought a Nikon D7000 from them before with no problems) but after 2 days with no activity on the credit card I have called them to find out why the delay. The guy on the other end told me that there are a lot of orders ahead of me and will be a while to get mine rolling..all good. Have asked if this is a BRAND NEW camera or if it came from the 2012 Olympics and I was told that the camera is new, comes bare without any cables, battery, charger, CDs, etc and is a "gray market" ( I have bought gray market products before) since is coming from China...At this time I have asked if the camera is made in China or will be shipped from China but still made in Japan and have been told is made in China...More than that I have no idea, this is the point of this thread to find out if any Canon 1DX is made in China, the seller did not know or passed wrong info. I dont mind to get a stripped down camera as long is brand new and made in Japan. Since the links have been deleted, if anybody will PM or email me I will respond with the links for that somebody to ask the dealers and find out what's what.

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