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Re: Is Sony on your side???

Kappels wrote:

While it would be nice to get the A99 for a cheaper price, I feel this camera is worth every penny. I do not agree with you that the D600 is by any means better re image quality. Also frankly, I was sincerely considering jumping ship over to Nikon to get the D800 but I am glad I didn't. I find their service mediocre, the oil spots on the D600 sensor a joke and the AF problems with the D800 worrying.

In my opinion Sony is on the forefront of technological developments and I do not believe that the grass is any greener on the other side.

But then...just go and buy the camera that you think willmake you happy and that you can afford.


Welll I own a D800 and the focusing in Live View is a joke. My old oOympus E3 and E5 both focused in Live View better than it does. It also don't set the woods on fire not in Live View as the first couple of weeks I just knew I didn't have something set wrong it was performing so bad.

It to, the D800, is a plain Jane no frills camera. Nikon may have the best IQ but as far as everything else goes the are a good five years of hard work behind Sony in other areas. Who don't have an articulating screen anymore?

I think five years from now when everyone is all bottled up sending their D600s in for service they will realize just how good the a99 is. A camera don't spit out dust and oil unless there is something wrong. If I bought a new car and it was spitting oil I would be going nuts.

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