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Re: FZ-200 congrats

Sounds like you pulled the trigger, congrats! It really is quite a nice camera, takes a bit of fine tuning to get it to where you want it so keep that in mind. Exposure compensation will likely be your friend as I found the pix a bit on the underexposed (too light in the highlights) right out of the box compared to other Panasonic cameras we own.

I think the best word I can think of to describe the FZ200 is convenient, I shoot with Canon DSLR's and there is no way I can pack a fast 600mm on a DSLR body and match the f2.8 of the FZ or size and weight for that matter. For fun I posted a photo of my FZ200 sitting beside the lens hood of my Canon 300mm f2.8 to give an idea of size.

Canon 300mm f2.8 lens hood vs FZ200

I've had several instances where I got pix I would not have otherwise because of how handy it is to pack the FZ vs my DSLR. Such as the photo below at my Vets office. Because of the fast lens and the fact I could shut off all the sounds the camera makes and not use flash I could get a series of shots of this fellow without causing him to freak out let alone his handler!

I also like to use it as my walk about camera shooting night scenes around the office and again I have no complaints and am always amazed at what the camera can do. There is a bit of a learning curve with it but if you keep that in mind going in you are going to do fine with it.

Happy shooting!

Peregrine Falcon

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