Official: No More 4/3 Bodies (lenses)

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Re: Official: 4/3 Sensor is DEAD

CurtisLewis wrote:

I get it and agree with you Charles. I'd even take it a step further and say that most modern emotionally volatile Olympus owners either don't know or don't want to see the history of the company for what it really is and that is a small innovative company surrounded by giants. This is how Olympus has always the first to do something well outside the mainstream and by the time the giants give in and begin improving on it with their own design, move on and repeat. Always fighting to stay ahead of the curve because let's be honest, without that ability Olympus is swallowed up and diluted.

I have wanted to say exactly that for a long time!.Many here may be too young to appreciate what Oly has really accomplished over the years. I don't for a second believe that they ever thought or  intended to be top dog in the camera business. they never had the clout that Canikon had!


Look how much innovative tech Oly has brought to the table since the original Pen series.

Now we also have the Oly-  Sony connection!

I believe we are about to see some really wonderful tech in the not too distant future!


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