FZ200 tests.

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FZ200 tests.

OK folks, here's some results from my new FZ200.  The conditions were reasonably well controlled and the lighting was a constant.  The target was my full size MacBeth Color Checker with a small credit card size calendar at lower right, camera was set to AWB +4 amber, +2 magenta, focal length was the same.  Camera was hand held; but it was not anywhere near full zoom and shutter speeds were up around 1/60 or a little better.  ISO was around 250.

Heres a tabulation:

1)  iRes OFF      Sharpening +1      NR 0            noisier and a little soft

2)  iRes ON         Sh 0                  NR 0             quite low noise, very sharp

3)  iRes  ON        Sh 0                 NR -2            slightly more noise than 2), sharp

4)  iRes Off         Sh 0                 NR -2            very similar to 3), sharp

5)  iRes ON        Sh -2                 NR -2            very similar to 3), sharp

6)  iRes OFF       Sh +1                NR -2            similar to 3), very sharp

7)  iRes OFF       Sh 0                  NR 0              low noise, slightly soft

8) iRes OFF        Sh -2                 NR -2             slightly more noise than 2), softer

A couple of notes here.  First, the targets were either solid color squares on the MacBeth chart, (24 squares, 6 are gray scale, with black cardboard dividers between squares) Noise was judged primarily on the medium gray squares, and on the dark green and purple; but others were checked as well, as the noisier settings showed artifacts on the sky blue and some others.  Sharpness was judged by the edge definition of the cardboard dividers and the printing on the calendar; and by the wood visible around the edges from the support.

It's worth noting that samples 4, 5, & 6 look similar.  All three have NR-2, and some form of sharpening.  Remember that sharpening set to 0 is not zero sharpening but level 3 of 5.

The solid color panel on the MacBeth chart  are quite sensitive to noise.  They look very smooth in 2) and 7).  1) is the noisiest.

In-camera sharpening at +1 adds noise, and it's not atractive; but clumpy looking.  iRes adds edge sharpening; but seems to actually work to smooth the solid color areas.  -2/-2 has decent detail; but is softer and doesn't define the edges as well, it definitely is not as good as -2/-2 + iRes in this test.  (sorry, Ron)

I'm going to run this again with some hair or fur in the shot.  Tests on my tiger mascot were inconclusive.

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