Argh... 'cleaning' mark on my rear element

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Ok, you won't like this...

gipper51 wrote:

Back in August I bought a used Canon 24mm TS-E lens (mk1) from KEH photo. The lens has performed very well, and I've used it on a many architectural jobs since acquiring it.

But last night while organizing my gear I noticed the lens has a very small "cleaning mark" on the rear element. Mabye about 1/32 of an inch in size, and close to the center. I never noticed it before, and it took holding the lens at the perfect angle to the light to see it. Taking the lens outside in bright light makes it very noticable. But now that I see it I can't stop obsessing over it. And rear element defects are the worst kind

I'm upset because I bought a lens in EX+ condition from KEH which should not have lens defects like this. For my modest means, this is a VERY expensive lens in my kit. I don't blame KEH, as it was not easy to notice on a normal inspection under incadescent light (never inspected my rear elements outside). I've had the lens since August so it may be hard to call them on their 6 month warranty / return policy. How can I argue that I'm not the one who put the mark there after 4+ months of ownership?

I'm also mad because even if this does not affect picture quality, and I've yet to see anything in the photos that suggests it does...this definately hurts the resale value of the lens. I paid $850 for the lens, but if were to resell the lens in full disclosure I'm sure this knocks a good chunck off my asking price. I've been planning to sell this lens and upgrade to the MkII in the future, and this just set me back even further.

Anyone with experience dealing with KEH's return policy know if I've got a shot at returning this? Or am I up $h!t creek without a paddle and should consider it a lesson learned to inspect my gear better?

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