Canon shooters thoughts on A99 DXO score?

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Re: Canon shooters thoughts on A99 DXO score?

JRFlorendo wrote:

Beyond ISO 400, 6D and 5D3 will have the DR advantage. Canon's 82 and 81 DXO score is deceiving, IMO, the Canon bodies also has more than 1/2 EV advantage in high ISO performance. My question is, if A99 was an OVF with an 89 DXO score, would you guys recommend it over 6D and 5D3? Lens line up not considered, just pure body specs and DXO score.

A99 DXO score.

Not interested in an EVF SLR (or SLT). When an EVF is able to approximate the dynamic range of my visual system combined with a bright optical viewfinder, I'll be ready to consider it. I also don't want to deal with the bloated power demands of an EVF. I'm quite happy getting 1300 shots from a single charged battery.

BTW, I hope it's NOT the end of the road for the OVF, which I think works exceedingly well at this stage of its evolution. I'd much rather development effort go into miniaturizing of processors and other supporting electronics so we can get back to the compact size of pre-AF SLRs.

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