Photographing Cats

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Nothing wrong with a 10D

I had one of those and used it really hard for a few years. I was the photographer and reporter for a newspaper north of the Arctic circle. It's a mistake to think you can't make nice images with a camera just because it's not on the cutting edge of digital development. Even my 30D, the first digital EOS, takes great photos. I paid $2500 for my 30D body, used it for three years, and sold it to a crazy skydiver for $200. 3.25 megapixels! The images still look great. But if you've got some money burning a hole in your pocket I can't say enough nice things about my 5D III.

As for a lens, just about any Canon lens will work. Photographing a cat is more about lighting than it is about equipment. A cat's fur is going to be displayed most elegantly with just the right quality of light. So that's where you need to put your effort, not worrying about camera and lens. Maybe if you Google "lighting cats" you might find some good suggestions.

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