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Re: Yep, 7d is a great camera

Volvo wrote:

riknash wrote:

Ditto to all thats been said here,7D is a great camera and i recently purchased one for Birding and reach that my 5D2 couldnt quite reach but in all honesty as much as i like the 7D i find the noise level with Birding quite dissapointing at times.

Easy to manage as previouse said??, yes sometimes and other times i just couldnt be bothered nad just ditch the shot..

As for being in a class of its own?? wouldnt know as i havent played much with other systems exept Pentax but not for Birding. I do believe that Nikon brands arrre just as good and would like to know who was making camera systems first?? Nikon or Canon ??.

Read plent of comment where one sez you either got a good copy ior a bad copy and quite disspointed with such comments as i believe every copy or most every copy should be equal especially for the amount of && people fork out for a Canon or Nikon brand especially as these two are mostly on top of the affordable food chain for most.

Cann and Nikons quallity control should be equal in what they send out to be placed on the shelf!!..

If i fork out twwo n a halfe to four grand on a camera and lens i should expext it to perform within my capaillities without having to send it back for fine tuning etc because i may have recieved a bad copy..

My two bobs worth anyway:)..

Appologise for all the spelling errors:)

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